About Eurocoms


Eurocoms were originally formed in 2001 as a network cabling installation provider.


In the past 10 years there has been a major shift in CCTV hardware and technology from analogue based systems to network based systems known as IP CCTV.


As IP CCTV is now the industry standard, it goes hand in hand with our network services. In short Eurocoms offer a complete cabling, hardware, installation, commissioning and maintenace service for all CCTV related projects.


We work with some of the largest manufacturers in the UK, including;





























Whether you want a single camera solution to a multi-site camera based solution comprising 1,000 cameras, Eurocoms can provide a solution. Eurocoms are a network infrastructure company by trade and therefore offer an¬†infrastructure solution prior to a surveillance solution. For Eurocoms this is the right way round. We don’t ever present a CCTV solution, then worry about whether your network or existing cabling can cope.


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Company News


March 2020 Deal


Eurocoms are currently offering to reduce your existing maintenance contract by 50% for the first year with us.

Feb 2020



Eurocoms have won the contract for a major CCTV roll out for a national bookies.